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Preserve Bow Brickhill - some background

Why PBB was formed

In October 2000 Wilbraham Associates of Rugby submitted an objection to the Deposit Version of Milton Keynes Local Plan. A feature on the development proposals appeared in The Business Citizen newspaper and as a result the Parish Council invited the land agents The Wilkinson Partnership to present the idea to the village.  

The Public Meeting 

It was standing room only when over 200 people packed The Pavilion on 7 March 2001 to hear details of the development proposals.

The meeting was practically unanimous in its opposition to the proposals - only three people admitted to being in favour. 

At the conclusion of the meeting there was a show of hands in favour of forming an organisation, to work with the Parish Council and REASON, to monitor the threat to the village and if necessary fight the proposals. 

Resistance to the proposals was effective and the Local Plan was eventually adopted without the inclusion of the 'Wilkinson' site. 

Since that time Preserve Bow Brickhill has continued to represent the village and to preserve it from unwelcome and inappropriate development.