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"Networking is about who you know, not what you want."
The Benevolent Dictator, MKMC, November 2005

If you approach a networking opportunity with a view to peddling your goods or services, you're unlikely to be successful.  Networking is far more than an opportunity to use your "elevator pitch".  It's about establishing credibility, making friends and building a level of trust.

People do business with people they like.  If you can make people like you and want to please you, you're halfway to doing business with them.  

When you meet new people, think not how much they might buy from you but instead how you can help them.  Keep that in the forefront of your mind and you won't go too far wrong.

Ask for their help and offer yours.  Remember that everyone you meet will have their own personal network and if they have confidence in your ability to deliver goods or services, they'll be more likely to refer other people to you.  

In Milton Keynes we have a very wide range of different business networking groups groups and hundreds of people are involved.  Among those are the "power networkers" - the people who seem to be everywhere and know everyone.  

Those are the best people to get to know well, because they will open more doors for you and will be the gateway from your networks into others.  Try to find out who these people are and make a point of introducing yourself and getting to know them.

Virtual networks may seem tame by comparison, but these can be as powerful, if not more so.  But egroups and LinkedIn enable one person to contact hundreds with just one email. Finding suppliers and services through the virtual groups is very easy and particularly useful if you are asking for personal recommendations.


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