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Prepare to do business

It's very tempting to go straight out into the big business world before you are really ready, before you have your business cards printed, before you've configured your LinkedIn profile, while your web space still states "under construction" and before you've thought about how you will present yourself.

However how you appear and behave will impact upon your reputation and therefore your ability to do business with networking colleagues.  Just as we judge people on what they wear and how they speak, so people will make judgements about your capabilities based on their first impressions.  You will need to be properly prepared.

At many business networking events you will be expected to give a short  presentation of your business - around two minutes should be sufficient, maybe less.  So be prepared.  Write a short account and then work on it and hone it down until it says precisely what you have to offer, what your unique selling proposition is (USP) and what are the benefits of buying your goods or services.  

Practise in front of a mirror and time yourself - lose those nerves and ensure that you give a presentation which is full of the confidence.  You might also write a short sentence or phrase that is catchy and memorable and which - if your audience remembers nothing else about the networking event -  will strike a a chord and ensure they remember you. 

Make sure you have some business cards with you - these are essential at any networking event. Log into LinkedIn and complete your own profile and, if it's your own business, a company page too.

You really should have a web site. It doesn't have to be complicated - just a couple of content-rich pages will do. 

Ensure that you have submitted your business details to all local listings web sites and directories - see useful links.

Have everything prepared first so that when you start to make contacts you feel confident and your business networking will be a success.


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